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February 12, 2022

Join us as we discuss the dangers of high water pressure on your plumbing.  Then Jill Goulet with Eating the Good, will share her Shrimp Cargot recipe.  Finally, we’ll look at some tips for preventative steps you can take to stop plumbing-related water damage in your home.

A dollar spent in prevention can save hundreds in repairs.

This Week's Highlights:

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Plumbing Water Pressure

  • Standard water pressure in the home should be 40-80 PSI.
  • Water pressure higher than 80 PSI can damage faucets, valves, and supply lines.
  • Water Pressure increases as much as 10PSI during the night when water isn’t in use.
  • Installing a Pressure Reducing Valve alleviates the dangers of high water pressure on your plumbing.
  • Jilly Plumbing provides free water pressure evaluations.
Shrimp Cargot with toast made by Jill from Eating the Good

Shrimp Cargot

An original recipe using the richness of Havarti cheese and butter.

Click Image for recipe.

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Preventing Plumbing Related Floods in Your Home:

  • Most plumbing related floods are caused by sudden breaks in supply lines.
  • Washing machine supply lines are the most common contributor to supply line flooding.
  • A break in the supply line for a home with a water flow rate of 6-gallons/minute can release almost 400 gallons of water in your home in at little as 1 hour.
  • Replacing your washing machine supply lines with steel-braided hoses significantly reduces the chance of them breaking.
  • Washing machine hoses should be replaced whenever the machine is replaced. 

This Week's Guests

Eating the Good with Jill Goulet





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