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March 5, 2022

Join us as we welcome our friend Spiros from Greece to share about his travels. Then Jill Goulet with Eating the Good, will share her delicious Alfredo recipe.  We’ll wrap up by discussing the value of a water softener for Kerrville and Hill Country residents.

A dollar spent on prevention can save a hundred in repairs.

This Week's Highlights

Spiros, Denny’s friend from Greece, shares about his travel experiences…

  • Best part of Texas:  the people.
  • Best Texas plate: Steak
  • Spiros has been in 33 countries working as a certified trainer, coach, and speaker.
  • One of his main messages…”It’s not just a religion.  It’s not just a list of rules.  It is a relationship with a true living God who wants to change your life and wants you to be blessed in life.”
plate of alredo sauce on pasta

Alfredo Sauce

A mighty tasty dinner that's ready in less than 30 minutes.

Click Image for recipe.

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Water Softeners in the Texas Hill Country

  • If you’re seeing white calcium spots on your dishes, faucets or shower door, you could benefit from a water softener.
  • Hard water deposits affect all your plumbing appliances: water heater, dish washer, washing machine, refrigerator ice maker, and plumbing pipes.
  • Water Softeners remove the calcium from the water before it enters the home’s plumbing.
  • Water softeners can be placed in a garage, a closet, a well house, or another appropriate location.
  • Size of the water softener and the recharge frequency will be determined by calcium level in the water and the amount of water used in the home.
  • Water is looped so that all water entering the home will have been softened by the water softener.
  • Water Softener salts in the home’s water is not a concern.  The amount of water in an entire tub full of water that has been softened is less than the amount of salt in a piece of bread.
  • Jilly Plumbing offers free water testing and provides no-obligation estimates for installing a water softener when it is needed.

This Week's Guests

Eating the Good with Jill Goulet





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